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Introduction to EZ Notes for Android:

EZ Notes is extremely popular for being the Handiest and most Device Efficient Smartphone Organizer. It

is optimized for our unique vision of "Ultimate Mobility" for modern Urban Customers who are short on

time, and need solutions that can keep pace and help them save tremendous time and dangerous distractions.

We not only help countless World-Wide Android users become most productive on their smartphones, but

we are also the Gold Standard at preserving precious RAM, CPU, Storage Space, Battery Charge and

Wi-Fi Data Plan charges. These outstanding efficiency benefits also enable users to be able to install more

Apps on their Smartphones for longer than otherwise. We also help them eliminate the strains that similar

"Free" organizers place on devices, causing our smartphones to Freeze and Crash. Our customers are very

delighted by our award winning Voice Note Transcription features also. Our "Ultimate Mobility" voice

transcription is truly unique in that it enables One-Of-a-Kind ("Hands-Free") instantaneous Pop-Up Notes.

This means that we empower them with the true ability to create "On-the-Fly" Notes unlike any other

solution. Download EZ Notes today, to experience the only App setting Gold Standards for "On-the-Fly"

Organizing on Mobile devices. Kindly take a moment to read this entire site, to gain as much knowledge

about your App so you can inform others as well. At EZ Notes, we are honored and delighted to see so many

Mobile Fans preferring EZ Notes as their top Mobility Organizer. Kindly Help share this page with as

many of your friends and connections on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Email, so that we can

help others achieve Ultimate Mobility and Efficiency, and make organizing life Fun and super EZ !


"EZ Notes" Top 10 Highlights:

1) EZ Notes is simply the fastest most flexible organizer for Android Smartphones. Simplification of common

tasks combined with single tap auto saving features dramatically boost mobility and time savings. For example,

our One-of-a-Kind (award winning) Voice Notes pop-up and save instantly, without any Additional Steps or

hindrances found in other Apps. Editing can be done at any time of user convenience, but not when the person is

rushed and wants to instantly take advantage of our "Hands-Free" voice note features !


2) EZ Notes is an extremely slim and efficient Organizer. We are roughly 5.0 MB in size despite all the features!

With minimal reliance on Audio Clip Files, large Photo Captures, Bloatware, and Heavy Cloud Syncing, our App

will never act like a Giant wasteful Multi-Media File Storage Facility. Conventional Organizers bloat your life and device,

quickly bringing the user's life and their Android Smartphones to a screetching halt ! Resulting from a huge demand for a

more logical and sensible Organizing experience, EZ Notes puts absolutely zero strain on Precious Resources (such as CPU, RAM,

Battery, Storage Space, and Wi-Fi.) EZ Notes customers not only save tremendous time and resources, but our App enables them

to enjoy efficiency and have the necessary space to install many more apps and software with great Ease on their smartphones.


3) EZ Notes is Extremely Reliable. Unnecessary reliance on Conventional bloatware (like Navigation Drawers) and other

overcomplicated procedures have been entirely re-designed to be easier. We aimed to deliver the most unencumbered

daily Mobility Experience with our concepts. EZ Notes also makes much higher use of Persistent Storage technology

(a.k.a "Shared Preferences.") This technology is far less easily corruptible, when compared to Apps that use SQLite Read/Write

database Table Records to store data. Using Shared Preferences also enables us to do away with rigid table designs and offer smooth

Swipe and Fling Gestures to help you move about the App much faster and more smoothly !


Furthermore, EZ Notes does not rely on heavy background services or other intensive tasks (e.g. Cloud Synchronization);

this helps eliminate a lot of bloat and strain on modern smartphones. It also ensures that your personal data, photos, and voice notes

stay within your own pockets, and are not sold to advertisers, nor falls into the hands of On-line Hackers (which are a big threat).

EZ Notes is the most non-intrusive App, requiring the fewest number of "dangerous" permissions of any App of its kind.

You can use security apps (like the John McAffee solution called D-Central1, to verify how safe we are). In fact, it's quite amazing

that we deliver all the benefits you require, without aquire exclusive control and permission over your Camera, Microphone, Contacts,

GPS Location Sensor etc... as the other guys do. These other Apps proclaim to be "Free" but in fact they still have to generate revenue

for their respective corporation. And they do this through rampant and reckless collection of your data (called "data mining") and seeling

to advertisers and just about any corporation or government agencies that offer the "right price" for your valuable privacy. We do not do this !


4) EZ Notes is a very Feature Rich and well rounded (convenient) Organizer. We have proudly Won Awards for Practicality,

Mobility, Innovative Audio Transcription, User-Friendliness, and our brilliant On-the-Fly Note Taking features!


5) Due to the extremely fast and intuitive nature of EZ Notes, our App is enjoyed by users from all walks and

backgrounds of life. Our App is aimed to help everyone become productive ! In fact, we are proud to be

serving the following types of users: Everyday Mobile users who need On-the-Fly time saving Apps,

Students with busy mobile lives and schedules, Lab Technicians requiring miticulous recoding of data, Medical

Doctors & Nurses who need to quickly record detailed patient data and other daily care tasks,

Diary Note Takers and aspiring Authors, Artists who love to Sketch ideas, and many other people who are served by us !


6) EZ Notes is one of few Organizers that bundles everything in one small package. There are no additional Apps or

services that must be activated, to enjoy all features. Everything comes straight out of the box. This way, without

any hassle, our customers instantly enjoy State-of-the-Art Voice Note Taking + Typed deatiled Notes + S-pen Sketching

To-Do list functionalities, Folders, Rich Text Formatting Markup functionalities and much more !


7) EZ Notes provides plenty of handy and amazing "side" features including: Setting Reminders, sharing Notes

to other Apps and services (Cross-App compatibility), and an extensive list of Web ("cloud") services. For

example, our handy "Cloud Functions" help users automate and save time in Searching the Web (using Google search),

Sharing Notes, Shopping online for items, Price Comparisons from different online retailers, Looking up precise

Medical Terminology, Quick Dictionary Definition Lookups, Travelocity Reservations, Ebay, Searching YouTube

for videos, and more. None of these customized features and benefits exist with "Free" Mainstream Apps.


8) EZ Notes provides the easiest and most straightforward User Interface and Navigation possible !

This was deliberately done so we can help the largest number of people from the widest

backgrounds of life get up to speed as fast as possible. Our unique and versatile design approach

enables EZ Notes to easily empower our users, and cater to the widest audience from the

widest range of backgrounds and Mobile Needs (across the Globe.)


9) EZ Notes Loads extremely fast and without any distracting (or resource wasting) Ads or delays. In fact,

there are zero annoying sign-ups, sign-ins, splash screens, annoying advertisements, annoying pop-ups that

try to push users to rate the App or learn about an arcane feature, or other animations & UI effects that

really don't have any functional or practical value for our Purist Note Taking fans. Like myself, our users

tend to be more interested in a focused and practical App, but one that still offers plenty of features and

innovation. For many people in other countries, EZ Notes is also very useful because it functions perfectly

in Off-Line Mode (Minimal burden on your Wi-Fi Network or cellular Data Plans). By eliminating all

non-essential bloatware and gimmicks of attraction used by FREE Apps, we help modern users save a LOT

of Time, Confusion, Resources, and Keep their lives and Smartphones running far better than ever !


10) EZ Notes is a customized organizer and not a Spin-Off (or continuation of) a free open source Code Base.

It has been painstakingly engineered for maximal user-friendliness, over the course of several years completely

from scratch. A big aim and purpose was to eliminate the "Pain-Points" and shortcomings that people had

been reporting on Android Blogs and Reviews for other Apps. EZ Notes relieves users from the often overly

wasteful, rigid, and claustrophobic home screens of other Apps. We put our customers back into focus and

control of their devices, while delivering higher confidence, automation, and productivity for Organizing Tasks

and daily time saving conveniences. In fact, our customers LOVE and prefer EZ Notes because of its slim and

extremely Sprightly "Stock" nature never before achievable on Apps with so many features. As the name of our

Product and Branding indicate, EZ Notes caters to customers who prefer attention to Quality, Security,

Reliability, Non-intrusiveness, Efficiency, and above all else... Ultimate Mobility. While other Apps have

consistently added more and more bloatware over the years, to atttract "Free" Customers, EZ Notes has instead

focused on satisfying a more custom oriented and well informed Niche Audience, who love our Solid Design.


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Kind Regards,

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